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55278[patch] Wrong value of window's top line

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  • Lech Lorens
    Nov 2, 2009
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      If two windows show the same buffer, you edit the buffer in one of them
      in such a way that a fold is created in the other one that starts above
      the window's top line and includes the top line, it will be possible
      to scroll the other window in undesirable ways (e.g. it will be possible
      to put the cursor outside the file or more folds will be shown than there
      actually are).

      The problem can be reproduced by e.g. performing the following:

      set number
      normal isome text
      normal yy10gp
      vert split
      wincmd l
      setl fdm=marker fmr={{{,}}} fdc=5
      wincmd h
      normal gg
      normal O{{{1
      normal 50%
      normal o{{{1

      Note that the next commands have to be performed "by hand":
      wincmd l

      Three closed folds are now visible, while in fact only two of them

      The attached patch fixes the problem.


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