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55271Re: Bug in command parsing

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  • Tony Mechelynck
    Oct 31, 2009
      On 30/09/09 18:50, Fj wrote:
      > Hi, I found this strange thing that probably isn't very important, but
      > still. Also it might be not a bug, but really misguided feature.
      > Suppose you have a file named `\` (backslash). On Linux. You want to
      > edit it, OK, `:e \\` works perfectly (and that's what autocomplete
      > proposes, btw). `:e \\\` and `:e \\\\` both try to edit "two
      > backslashes".
      > Now you want to edit a file and then do something else.
      > `:e \\ | echo 'x'` produces E172: Only one file name allowed
      > `:e \\| echo 'x'` edits file `| echo 'x'`
      > `:e \\\ | echo 'x'` edits file `\ `, as it's supposed to.
      > `:e \\\| echo 'x'` edits file `\| echo 'x'`
      > And so on. Also, changing `echo 'x'` to `echo "x"` changes some of the
      > behaviours...
      > So, how do I edit a file called Backslash? And is it really a bug, or
      > just Vim trying to be too clever?
      > :version
      > VIM - Vi IMproved 7.2 (2008 Aug 9, compiled Sep 7 2009 15:26:14)
      > Included patches: 1-245

      :exec 'e \' | echo 'Hello World!'

      The ":exe[cute]" statement wraps is operands the way ":echo" does, but
      executes the resulting expression(s) as an Ex-command-line (separating
      them by a single space, the way ":echo" does, into a single ex-command
      if there are more than one expression) instead of displaying them, and
      it can be followed by a | and more ex-commands on the same line. One
      particularity of ":exe" (and ":echo", I think) is that if you want to
      write a Vim-comment after it on the same line you must prefix it by |"
      (vertical-bar double-quote) not just " (double-quote).

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