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55093RE: Where to put experimental indent file (JavaFX)

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  • John Beckett
    Oct 2 4:45 PM
      black panda wrote:
      > I have a first attempt at an indent plugin for the JavaFX
      > language. I don't think it is completely ready for prime
      > time, but I want someplace to post it for others to use and
      > give feedback so I can learn and improve the code. I think
      > the Scripts section of www.vim.org is not the right place to
      > put "beta" code.
      > Where would an appropriate place be? Is the wiki the right
      > place for this?

      The wiki is not really the right place for scripts because
      history shows that there is a tendency for quick stuff to be
      uploaded and then neglected, so the tips collection becomes
      burdened with material that is hard to understand and of
      doubtful quality (making it harder to find useful tips).

      We only have a very small community who are willing to actually
      fix things so uploading a script may not get much collaboration.
      There are exceptions, notably the long script here:

      However, I am very happy to try anything provided there is a
      reasonable time limit, so please put your script on the wiki and
      we will review whether it should be kept over the next, say,
      three months. My feeling is that an indent plugin (after being
      developed on the wiki) should be uploaded to vim.org/scripts,
      and then deleted from the wiki because all the details of a
      plugin would make a pretty impenetrable tip.

      Please review the title guidelines:

      Probably the right title is:
      JavaFX indent plugin

      You do not need to worry about formatting; I will fix it within
      a day or two. However, I will let anyone still reading this know
      that GeSHi is available. Most tips use the following wikitext to
      display script:

      Following is my wonderful script.
      " Sample comment.
      function Whatever()

      An alternative (which uses a MediaWiki extension called GeSHi
      for syntax highlighting) is:

      Following is my wonderful script.
      <source lang="vim">
      " Sample comment.
      function Whatever()

      Problem: It is pretty well impossible for syntax highlighting of
      Vim script to always work, so strange punctuation in the script
      can cause defective highlighting.

      When you make an account at the wiki, you must enter date of
      birth (Google COPPA if you want to know why). Put in any bogus
      date that makes your age more than 13.


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