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55092Re: Where to put experimental indent file (JavaFX)

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  • Ingo Karkat
    Oct 2 4:01 PM
      On 02-Oct-09 16:37, black panda wrote:
      > Hello,
      > I have a first attempt at an indent plugin for the JavaFX language. I
      > don't think it is completely ready for prime time, but I want
      > someplace to post it for others to use and give feedback so I can
      > learn and improve the code. I think the Scripts section of www.vim.org
      > is not the right place to put "beta" code.
      > Where would an appropriate place be? Is the wiki the right place for
      > this?

      I see no problem with posting it on vim.org; with an appropriate caveat ("BETA!
      Patches and feedback welcome!"), potential users will be warned and may refrain
      from down-rating it just because it isn't complete yet.

      If you post it on the Vim Tips Wiki, other people will edit it, append
      modifications and alternative versions, etc. This can be a good thing (if you
      yourself aren't yet sure whether the approach is right), but then it's not fully
      "yours" (and under your control) any more.

      -- regards, ingo
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