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54978Re: Bug: 'l' breaks macro when run at the end of line

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Sep 15, 2009
      Milan Vancura wrote:

      > thank you for the answer.
      > > The main reason is Vi compatibility.
      > So what about an option changing this behaviour (causing all movements throwing
      > an error if they can't be done) and add that option to be a part of what
      > 'compatible' sets?
      > > The reasoning is that if the cursor doesn't move at all for a movement
      > > command then it's an error. If it can move less than intended then this
      > > is not handled like an error. It's common to do 999l to go as far right
      > > as possible.
      > As I mentioned above: I think the right behaviour is that '999l' ends with an
      > error if there are less than 999 chars to the right and users should use '$'
      > for reaching the end of line.
      > > Note that there are a few exceptions, again for Vi compatibility.
      > Sure, I understand. I will not fight if you say strict 'no' to my idea.

      In my opinion there are too many options already. I don't like
      confusing the user with yet another way to change behavior in mysterious

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