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54971Re: Bug: 'l' breaks macro when run at the end of line

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  • Milan Vancura
    Sep 14, 2009
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      Hi Bram,

      thank you for the answer.

      > The main reason is Vi compatibility.

      So what about an option changing this behaviour (causing all movements throwing
      an error if they can't be done) and add that option to be a part of what
      'compatible' sets?

      > The reasoning is that if the cursor doesn't move at all for a movement
      > command then it's an error. If it can move less than intended then this
      > is not handled like an error. It's common to do 999l to go as far right
      > as possible.

      As I mentioned above: I think the right behaviour is that '999l' ends with an
      error if there are less than 999 chars to the right and users should use '$'
      for reaching the end of line.

      > Note that there are a few exceptions, again for Vi compatibility.

      Sure, I understand. I will not fight if you say strict 'no' to my idea.

      Milan Vancura, Prague, Czech Republic, Europe

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