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54833Re: ]) bug?

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  • John Little
    Aug 13, 2009
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      On Aug 12, 11:50 pm, Dimitar DIMITROV <mitk...@...> wrote:
      > I still think there is a little problem here.

      Yes, it is at least confusing. In the following I assume :set
      > (        "    (          )    use %    "          ) - here we will jump to the very first (
      > so using ]) should work as well... (for jumping to the last one)

      I'm not sure, the [( motions are subtly different from the % motion;
      they " go to the other end of the code block" first.

      > Also,
      > (    use %      "     (        )     "            ) - here we shouldn't jump to the parens inside the "    ". I understand it this way in the help

      Yes, I don't understand this.

      > (       "      use [(         (             )      "          ) - this should also work

      No, I don't think so. vim "goes to the other end of the code block"
      within the quotes, but does not find one.

      In principle, I think the behaviour of the [-something motions should
      be judged and tweaked on their usefulness in real code, not, dare I
      say it, simplicity or logic. Then, we should try to explain what
      happens in the help. IMO vim generally does this heaps (a kiwi
      expression meaning lots and lots). So maybe it's right the way it is.

      Regards, John
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