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54807Re: what supported platforms would be lost of one killed vim's own mainloop in favor of glib

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  • Lech Lorens
    Aug 8, 2009
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      On 04-Aug-2009 RonnyPfannschmidt <ronny.pfannschmidt@...> wrote:
      > hi,
      > just wondering what would be lost if vim's own mainloop was replaced
      > by or at least properly integrated with the glib mainloop
      > as it would help to integrate things like gio (direct ssh/http file
      > access) and dbus
      > also the current way to deal with gtk and its mainloop seems like a
      > big hack that works around vim's mainloop being there first
      > Regards Ronny

      If you expect anyone to answer your question, I believe you should
      elaborate a little bit on the subject. We are either too lazy (e.g. me)
      or too busy to be able to dig into every hint of a subject that is
      brought up on the list.
      Would you mind explaining the possibilities, benefits, costs, risks of
      using Glib?


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