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54414Re: vim 7.2 compiles fine on MSYS but it doesn't execute

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  • Cesar Romani
    Jun 7, 2009
      Dominique Pellé wrote:
      > Cesar Romani wrote:
      >> Dominique Pellé wrote:
      >>> I suspect that on your system (mingw), it's using 1024 instead
      >>> of 2048. If so, the attached patch might fix it. It adds
      >>> "defined(__MINGW32__)" (__MINGW32__ is already used
      >>> in several places in Vim's code):
      >>> 1348 #if defined(AMIGA) || defined(__linux__) || defined(__QNX__) ||
      >>> defined(_AIX) \
      >>> 1349 || defined(__CYGWIN32__) || defined(__MINGW32__)
      >>> 1350 # define TBUFSZ 2048 /* buffer size for termcap entry
      >>> */
      >>> 1351 #else
      >>> 1352 # define TBUFSZ 1024 /* buffer size for termcap entry */
      >>> 1353 #endif
      >> Your patch works only if I change __MINGW32__ by __MSYS__ or if I add
      >> || defined(__MSYS__)
      >> There is one problem: The backspace key doesn't delete the precedent
      >> character. That was also the case on the console before applying the
      >> patch.
      >> On the old vim version installed on the system the backspace key works
      >> fine.
      >> Regards,
      >> Cesar
      > Good to hear that patch works (with __MSYS__). I see that the source
      > code of Vim never uses __MSYS__ yet. I've never tried msys myself.
      > Regarding the delete key not working, can you delete with CTRL-h?
      > Did you also read ":help fixdel"? It contains useful tips when delete
      > key does not work.

      Thanks a lot for your help.
      Actually when I press backspace, it behaves like the cursor left and
      when I press escape the characters left behind are deleted.
      CTRL-h cannot delete either, neither :fixdel can fix the backspace.
      But When I create a .vimrc file with null content in my home directory,
      the backspace works, strange!

      Best regards,

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