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54140Re: Add support for guidecolumn in VIM

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    May 1, 2009
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      Pankaj Garg wrote:

      > On Apr 30, 9:30=A0am, Ben Fritz <fritzophre...@...> wrote:
      > > On Apr 29, 11:42=A0am, Bram Moolenaar <B...@...> wrote:
      > >
      > > > The name 'guidecolumn' starts with "gui", which is confusing, since it
      > > > also works in a terminal. =A0'margincolumn' perhaps?
      > >
      > > I agree. If a user uses :help gui<C-D> for example, they would NOT be
      > > expecting 'guidecolumn' to show up!
      > >
      > > > I think the value "0" should be used to have a column at 'textwidth'.
      > > > That way you can see where a line will be broken when it's formatted,
      > > > without having to set two options. =A0A negative value can be used to
      > > > disable the column.
      > >
      > > I think we should try to make this option consistent with other
      > > options. 'textwidth' and 'wrapmargin' and others use a value of 0 to
      > > disable it, and making this one use negative numbers may get
      > > confusing.
      > >
      > > Is it possible to use string or character values, or can only numbers
      > > be entered? I can't think of any options that do this, but things like
      > > line() can take several strings with special meaning. Perhaps the
      > > guidecolumn could be disabled when set to 0, set to the textwidth when
      > > set to "tw", and set to the wrap margin when set to "wm"? I think
      > > something like this would be more consistent with other options and
      > > therefore more intuitive for users.
      > >
      > > > I didn't have time to check for any problems with this patch, I hope
      > > > others have tried it out and report any problems noticed.
      > >
      > > I haven't tried the patch, but I'm certainly interested in the
      > > feature. I'd probably use this instead of the autocmds I have set up
      > > to use a matchadd() on long lines.
      > >
      > > What is this option local to? If it's just global at the moment, I
      > > think it should be local either to the buffer (because that's what
      > > textwidth is local to) or the window. I could see a use case where a
      > > user might want a guidecolumn for the file in one window, but turn it
      > > off for a window in diff mode in another tab or something.
      > The option is local to window. I agree margincolumn is a better name.
      > I am also fine with a value of 0 meaning textwidth, however as Ben
      > mentioned, that seems a little unintuitive. Should we convert it to
      > string?
      > Are there other example where numeric options are taking string?
      > Please let me know what you prefer and I can do whatever option
      > everyone agrees to.

      It's possible to use a string, but more difficult to handle. And easier
      to set a wrong value, thus more error checking is needed.
      If we want to use zero for "off", we could use -1 for using the
      'textwidth' value.

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