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54136Re: More request for 2html :)

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  • Wu, Yue
    Apr 30, 2009
      On Thu, Apr 30, 2009 at 07:05:53AM -0700, Ben Fritz wrote:

      > On Apr 29, 10:22 pm, "Wu, Yue" <vano...@...> wrote:
      > > Ok, 2html now has supported folding, thanks for nice work, so fantasic!
      > No doubt you're referring to the patch in this thread:
      > http://groups.google.com/group/vim_dev/browse_thread/thread/84bcdc1a7e56e14d/23cb577db10fdbd3
      > Unfortunately, I notice it is still not in the official runtime. Last
      > I heard, Bram was still looking for comments. I'm glad you've found it
      > useful! I myself have used it a few times, once or twice to highlight
      > sections of code for people, and a few times to record/distribute a
      > syntax-highlighted and nicely folded :make output. I don't usually
      > distribute any outlining or note taking that I've done in Vim, but if
      > I did I'd probably use this feature for that as well.

      I have used it some time too from when you posted a full version here :)

      Still something I don't like: foldcolumn is too wide, actually I like to hide
      them at all, and I think if I can click the header text of a level of folding
      to fold and unfold would be more convenient for using.

      > > new feature request comes :) If 2html supports translating the tags jumping
      > > to hypertext, it would be much more great.
      > >
      > I think this would be extremely difficult to do right in Vim script,
      > and it is hard to tell exactly how to go about it. I think it would be
      > far beyond the scope of 2html.vim, and additionally (if I understand
      > you correctly) this is a task that is already accomplished by many
      > readily available tools. Just do a google search or poke around on
      > sourceforge. "Tags jumping" is kind of open to interpretation, so I'm
      > not sure exactly what you want, but there are tools to create html
      > with embedded links, tree views, etc. based on all sorts of plaintext
      > documents.

      I don't know the web relating technology, but I think 2html can use the tag
      file of the current document, and then make all |foo| and *foo* in the
      document as a hypertext? Is it hard to implement?

      Wu, Yue

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