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53934Re: Unable to display Hebrew correctly on Mac OS/X

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  • Tony Mechelynck
    Apr 1, 2009
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      On Mar 31, 8:18 am, Ron Aaron <rambam...@...> wrote:
      > On the other OSes, combining characters draw correctly (or close to
      > correctly) positioned.  On the other OSes, the fonts which have Hebrew
      > characters (like Miriam Fixed) can be used to display Hebrew, whereas
      > I still can't do that on the Mac.
      > Perhaps have a "guifont2" option, which is the fallback font?  I don't
      > know if that would work, perhaps there is an option yet to be set in
      > the font creation or something?  I do know that e.g. OpenOffice has
      > problems getting the positioning correct, while XeLaTex doesn't
      > (because it really uses the font information, so if a font is properly
      > coded it looks good).

      In principle, the 'guifont' option can be a comma-separated list of
      several fonts, and the first (leftmost) of them which is found will be
      used. However, IIUC Vim makes this choice globally, unlike HTML <font
      face=...> and CSS { font-family: ... } where the norm is IIUC to make
      the choice character by character.

      Maybe a change of how that option works in that respect ought to
      belong on Vim's todo list? Bram, what do you think?

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