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53699Re: support for the bang in :diffthis (was Re: [PATCH] :diffoff should not change settings for non-diff windows)

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  • Markus Heidelberg
    Mar 6, 2009
      Ben Fritz, 06.03.2009:
      > On Mar 6, 3:41 am, Markus Heidelberg <markus.heidelb...@...> wrote:
      > >
      > > What do you think, should the :diffthis! command set a special window
      > > into diffmode, if it is the current window or should it never adjust
      > > special windows?
      > I think, if a user executes :diffthis! in a special window, they
      > probably intend to diff the special window.
      > If they execute :diffthis! in a different window, and a special window
      > is also up, they may have forgotten the fact that the special window
      > is there.
      > I would lean toward setting diff mode on the current window always,
      > but only setting it on other windows if they are not special.

      help, quickfix and preview are handled now. At the bottom of ":h
      windows" there are furthermore directory, scratch and unlisted. I'm not
      quite sure how to handle them. I think 'unlisted' doesn't have to be
      handled. I have heard about 'scratch' but I can't remember for what to
      use it. For 'directory' I get buftype=nofile when doing ":new .",
      "nowrite" in the documentation doesn't seem to be completely correct.

      Is it sufficient to simply treat each buftype!="" as special? But then
      'buftype' only exists for +quickfix, but I guess netrw.vim also works
      without this feature.

      > The command window should never be in diff mode however.

      The command window is restricted in possible commands anyway. And you
      cannot escape.


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