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53692Re: [PATCH] support for the bang in :diffthis (was Re: [PATCH] :diffoff should not change settings for non-diff windows)

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  • Markus Heidelberg
    Mar 6, 2009
      Bram Moolenaar, 06.03.2009:
      > Markus Heidelberg wrote:
      > > Lech Lorens, 05.03.2009:
      > > > Perfectly fine with me - I hardly ever use :diffoff without !, anyway.
      > >
      > > Is there a reason to not support the corresponding :diffthis! command?
      > > For consistency it seems like a good idea, instead of using two
      > > different ways ":windo diffthis" and ":diffoff!". Furthermore :windo can
      > > move the cursor into another window, which is normally not desired.
      > >
      > > --- >8 ---
      > >
      > > Add support for :diffthis! for setting the diffmode in all windows in
      > > the current tab page.
      > Makes sense. But it should skip "special" windows: help, quickfix,
      > preview, etc.

      Sure, will do.

      What do you think, should the :diffthis! command set a special window
      into diffmode, if it is the current window or should it never adjust
      special windows?
      I guess the former solution would be more consistent, since :diffthis
      sets the current window into diffmode regardless of it being a special
      window or not.


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