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53678Re: [PATCH] :diffoff should not change settings for non-diff windows

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Mar 3, 2009
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      Lech Lorens wrote:

      > The solution seems so easy, that I suspect that I might have fixed
      > behaviour that is actually desired. However, for me it always seemed
      > that :diffoff should only act on windows, that have 'diff' set, not ALL
      > windows in the current tab. The attached patch makes Vim behave so.

      The current behavior is intentional. A user may first do ":set nodiff"
      and discover that other things were not reset. Then ":diffoff" should
      get rid of the rest.

      However, perhaps it should do this unconditionally for the current
      window only. For other windows it makes more sense to check the 'diff'

      > - if (wp == curwin || eap->forceit)
      > + if (wp == curwin || (wp->w_p_diff && eap->forceit))

      How about that?

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