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53293Re: No break checks during shell operations in GUI mode?

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  • Dominique Pelle
    Feb 7, 2009
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      björn wrote:

      > Dominique: It is strange that my patch does not fix the problem for
      > you...maybe fast_breakcheck() doesn't call gui_mch_update() often
      > enough on your system (although that seems unlikely judging from the
      > amount of times this loop iterates as I mentioned above)?  It does
      > take care of the problem on my machine (Mac OS X 10.5.6, Vim 7.2
      > patches 1-102, with MacVim GUI).

      Ah, I now notice that the patch does not work when I use gvim in
      a ssh session 'ssh -Y' (which is how I tested initially). But if I
      use gvim locally, then your patch works. Well, there is a bit of
      lag: when pressing <ctrl-c> it stops grep after maybe 2 seconds
      or so. Still better than not stopping it at all. In the terminal,
      pressing <ctrl-c> stops grep immediately. I'm using gvim-7.2.102
      with GTK2 GUI on Linux x86.

      -- Dominique

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