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53292Re: No break checks during shell operations in GUI mode?

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Feb 7, 2009
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      Bjorn Winckler wrote:

      > 2009/2/5 Bram Moolenaar:
      > >
      > > If I do ":!cat" then typing CTRL-C does appear to work. Perhaps it's
      > > the flood of output to the screen that stops the CTRL-C check? No time
      > > to investigate further right now.
      > Yes, this seems to be the problem. The difference between ":!cat" and
      > ":grep a *.c" is that the former produces no output whereas the latter
      > does and consequently Vim gets stuck in the loop on line 4368
      > (os_unix.c) starting with
      > while (RealWaitForChar(fromshell_fd, 10L, NULL))
      > This loop is where I added the break check since there are no other
      > checks for ctrl-c here. Only when this loop exits is ui_inchar()
      > called and in the case of ":grep a *.c" this loop is iterated _many_
      > times (up to 60000) before breaking out to call ui_inchar() again.
      > Dominique: It is strange that my patch does not fix the problem for
      > you...maybe fast_breakcheck() doesn't call gui_mch_update() often
      > enough on your system (although that seems unlikely judging from the
      > amount of times this loop iterates as I mentioned above)? It does
      > take care of the problem on my machine (Mac OS X 10.5.6, Vim 7.2
      > patches 1-102, with MacVim GUI).
      > Anyway, I don't know what the proper way to fix this problem is then
      > seeing as it's not working for Dominique. But somehow we have to
      > ensure that this problematic loop doesn't get stuck for "too long"
      > (whatever metric we may use to measure that) or that we check for
      > ctrl-c explicitly during the loop (which was what my patch was
      > supposed to do). Any ideas?

      I think we need to break out of the loop now and then to check for a
      CTRL-C. Question is: when? There is some code in place to avoid
      calling ui_inchar(), because it eats typeahead.

      Perhaps the "noread_cnt" variable can be extended with something that
      keeps track of how long ago ui_inchar() was called. It should probably
      be called every half a second to be responsive to CTRL-C.

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