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53212Re: No break checks during shell operations in GUI mode?

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  • Dominique Pelle
    Feb 5, 2009
      2009/2/5 Andreas Bernauer <andreas@...>:
      > björn wrote:
      >> 2009/2/4 Bram Moolenaar:
      >>> So what's the problem you are trying to solve?
      >> The original problem was this: go to e.g. the vim src/ directory and
      >> enter ":grep a *.c". During this operation it is impossible to halt
      >> Vim using ctrl-c. (I've tested on Mac OS X, and sc confirmed the
      >> problem on Linux).
      > I can't confirm this behavior for vim 7.2.095 on Linux 2.6.24 (in either gui or
      > console mode). :grep interrupts as soon as I press Ctrl-C.

      I can reproduce the problem with gvim on Linux x86 (GUI GTK2):
      pressing CTRL-C does not interrupt ":grep a *" in gvim.

      In terminal, CTRL-C interrupts ":grep a *" immediately (good).

      I tried the proposed patch, but it does not fix it for me: CTRL-C
      still does not interrupt ":grep a *" in the GUI.

      -- Dominique

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