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53176Re: PATCH: allow multiple spaces before the last argument to :cscope find

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  • Gary Johnson
    Jan 31, 2009
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      On 2009-01-31, Lech Lorens <lech.lorens@...> wrote:

      > Anyway, the behaviour I corrected is listed in todo.txt under "Known
      > bugs" (the patch deletes it from the list). The list is quite long and
      > I'm trying to make it shorter. This is the second time today that I got
      > to fixing something listed as a bug, that is a feature in fact. The
      > other one was:
      > > When entering a C /* comment, after typing <Enter> for 70 times the indent
      > > disappears. (Vincent Beffara, 2008 Jul 3)
      > It's a feature actually - the code responsible for indenting code is
      > limited to search only the last 70 lines for a comment beginning
      > (probably so that it doesn't take too long).

      I would argue that that's still a bug. The correct, expected
      behavior of the feature is that indenting work consistently within
      the context of a comment. The length of the comment should be

      The limit of 70 lines is a feature only in the sense that it
      improves performance when indenting on slower computers.

      > It might be a good idea to clean up todo.txt so that people don't
      > concentrate too much on fixing things that aren't broken.

      The code may not be broken in the sense that the current behavior is
      the result of an intentional, correctly-coded limitation to improve
      performance, but the behavior of the indenting feature is still
      imperfect. I wouldn't remove this issue from todo.txt, but I might
      add a comment that the current behavior is intentional. It could
      presumably be fixed with a better algorithm, by adding an option or
      command similar to ":syntax sync", or by removing the limitation
      entirely, recognizing that computers have gotten faster.

      We've used the term "issue" at work rather than "bug" to describe
      discrepancies between actual and expected behaviors of code in part
      to minimize arguments from programmers that "my code does not have a
      bug; that's the way I meant it to behave."


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