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52929Re: Is vim really fully unicoded?

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  • Tony Mechelynck
    Jan 6, 2009
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      On 07/01/09 04:17, Yue Wu wrote:
      > On Wed, 07 Jan 2009 10:55:33 +0800, Tony Mechelynck wrote:
      >> On 07/01/09 03:38, Yue Wu wrote:
      >> [...]
      >>> I always think that a normal operator is only used for
      >>> normal mode by keyboard,[...]
      >> Oh? I have the opposite impression. For normal mode by keyboard, I don't
      >> use
      >> :normal yl<Enter>
      >> but
      >> yl
      >> To me, the ":normal" command is _only_ useful in scripts, in order to
      >> run in Ex mode the key sequences meant for Normal mode.
      > I mean I prevent using yl from :normal if there is a function :yank :)

      There is a ":yank" command but it acts linewise. Here we want a
      characterwise yank, so we cannot use :yank.

      The function you proposed is so complex I would run much more risk when
      trying to construct it than with ":normal yl".

      If the complexity is similar, I use the ex-command in scripts, for
      instance ":wincmd k" rather than ":normal ^Wk" where ^W would be
      obtained by hitting Ctrl-V followed by Ctrl-W.

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