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52913Re: Race condition during file saving

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  • Ben Schmidt
    Jan 4, 2009
      >> If you're writing to a file that another program critically needs
      >> /that's/ your problem.
      > Configuration file, for example, is critically for almost every daemon.
      > Do you think that it is only my problem? No, it is very real scenario
      > which could happen to everyone who use vim.

      He didn't mean it's your problem personally and that no other user would
      experience it. He meant it's your problem as the user, not the editor's

      If you edit your config files, most likely you need to SIGHUP the daemon
      to reread it anyway. And if you don't, most likely the daemon is aware
      of the somewhat dumb practice of reading its config files at
      unpredictable intervals, and provides a device, such as crontab -e, to
      avoid problems, as has already been mentioned. Playing games moving
      temporary files around for the purpose of keeping daemons happy is not
      an editor's job, but the user's, or a utility such as crontab's.

      Having the editor write to a temporary file and move it into place has
      other worse effects as have already been mentioned (breaking of links,
      use of file descriptors by calling processes such as crontab -e, etc.).
      Indeed, other software sometimes expects the editor to overwrite the
      original file, which implies a time with an empty or partially written

      So although the current behaviour isn't really ideal, neither are the
      alternatives, and in fact, the alternatives are probably worse.

      It could be another option, I suppose, or incorporated into an existing
      one (it is only possible if writebackup and backup are unset or
      copybackup is yes, or there is a time of nonexistence of the file, which
      is just as bad), but is it worth the bother? How often are people
      actually bitten by this? Very rarely, I think, and the consequences are
      far from catastrophic when it happens. It couldn't be the default due to
      the other negative side effects of the method, too, so would have to be
      set when appropriate, which means you might as well use some other tool
      to do the job.


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