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52911Re: Race condition during file saving

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  • Adam Osuchowski
    Jan 4, 2009
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      Charles E. Campbell, Jr. wrote:
      > Likely areas for problems like this concern cooperative editing (ie.
      > multiple people editing the same file) and editing log files (or other
      > files which are potentially being written to by some other program).
      > Vim isn't designed for cooperative editing; I seem to recall it being on
      > a wishlist, though. Editing log files is problematic because they
      > generally aren't using mandatory file locking.

      I didn't tell about multiple people editing the same file or editing log
      files. I told about _ONE_ person editing file which could be read by another
      process at the same time. Isn't vim designed for it too? Don't think so.

      > To avoid the need for cooperative editing, use cvs/git/etc and use separate
      > copies and repositories.

      And keep all /etc files in cvs repo? It's only pinning the blame on another
      application (cvs, in this case).

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