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52654Re: vim patch to add "sqlite" functions (built-in)

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  • Antony Scriven
    Dec 5, 2008

      2008/12/1 Ron Aaron <rambamist@...>:

      > [...]
      > sql_exec( {handle}, {sql} [, {separator}] ) *sql_exec()*
      > Execute the SQL (a string of valid SQL commands) on the
      > opened {handle}, which must have been returned from
      > [sql_open]. The return result is a List consisting of
      > one String per row of results. Columns within each row
      > are separated by the "|" character by default.
      > Optionally, one may pass the {separator} string to use
      > a different separator.
      > [...]

      Wouldn't returning a list of dictionaries be more useful? --Antony

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