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52623Re: Patch 7.2.058

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  • Markus Heidelberg
    Dec 2, 2008
      Bram Moolenaar, 30.11.2008:
      > > Patch 7.2.058
      > [...]
      > > + /*
      > > + * Place to put a short description when adding a feature with a patch.
      > > + * Keep it short, e.g.,: "relative numbers", "persistent undo".
      > > + * Also add a comment marker to separate the lines.
      > > + * See the official Vim patches for the diff format: It must use a context of
      > > + * one line only. Use "diff -C2".
      > I forgot to mention that after "diff -C2" you need to edit the patch to
      > reduce the context.

      Using 3 lines of these /**/ comment markers would circumvent the problem
      with the limited context diff. You could just create the patch without
      worrying, in addition automatic creation of patches with for example
      gitweb will be possible. Merely the offset will increase by 4 every time
      an extra patch is applied, but it will increase in any case because of
      the normal patches.

      > So that the context doesn't contain anything of another patch that was
      > applied.

      However, when merging various patches as it's done in vim_extended.git,
      conflicts with extra_patches[] are unavoidable because a version control
      system always knows more about the sources than the patch tool with
      three context lines.

      But because it's nice to have the patch names listed, these trivial
      merge conflicts are acceptable, I think.


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