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52614Re: vim patch to add "sqlite" functions (built-in)

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  • David Fishburn
    Dec 1, 2008
      On 12/1/08, Ron Aaron <rambamist@...> wrote:
      > After applying the sqlite_interface patch, the following three
      > functions will be
      > available:
      > sql_close( {handle} ) *sql_close()*
      > Closes the open SQLite database, whose {handle} was returned
      > by the [sql_open] function. Returns the SQLite result.
      > sql_exec( {handle}, {sql} [, {separator}] ) *sql_exec()*
      > Execute the SQL (a string of valid SQL commands) on the opened
      > {handle}, which must have been returned from [sql_open]. The
      > return result is a List consisting of one String per row of
      > results. Columns within each row are separated by the "|"
      > character by default. Optionally, one may pass the
      > {separator} string to use a different separator.
      > sql_open( {filename} ) *sql_open()*
      > Open the SQLite database in {filename}. The return result is
      > a {handle} which is passed to [sql_exec] and [sql_close]

      Ron, out of interest sake, what is this providing that you cannot
      already have by shelling out to SQLite?

      For example, the dbext plugin have gear in place to interact with
      SQLite 2 ways. You can access either through shelling out to command
      line tools or through DBI (if it has a DBI driver). That way you can
      maintain SQL transactions.


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