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52270Re: Bug report: :tags command changes tag match number, jumps to wrong location

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Nov 6, 2008
      Erik Falor wrote:

      > Given the source code listed at the end of this message, and a tags file
      > generated from that source, I will demonstrate that a bug in the operation
      > of the :tag command has been introduced after Vim 6.3, and persists today.
      > When navigating the tag stack with the :tag and :pop commands, Vim is
      > supposed to remember which one of many matching tags I previously
      > selected, so that as I climb and descend the tag stack, I return to the
      > same location I originally jumped to.
      > The helpfile states that the tag match number won't change when using :pop
      > or :tag. (tagsrch.txt for Vim version 7.1, line 130)
      > However, I find that when I use the :tag command without arguments to
      > climb the tag stack, the cursor jumps to the first tag entry in the match
      > list instead of the one I selected. The tag stack is updated so that the
      > current entry points to the first matching tag instead of the one I chose.
      > The relevant documentation is located at
      > :help :pop
      > :help :tag
      > :help :tags
      > I have reproduced this bug in several Vim versions ranging from 7.0 to a
      > fully-patched 7.2, on both Windows XP and Linux.
      > Steps to reproduce:

      I'll add this to the todo list.

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