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52249Re: Bug: :echo output missing with QuickFix and Command-line windows

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  • Michael Henry
    Nov 2, 2008
      Bram Moolenaar wrote:
      > Michael Henry wrote:
      >> It appears that the output from :echo and :echomsg does not
      >> show up properly when used from the Command-line window
      >> while a QuickFix window is open.

      > If you use:
      > :echo "hello\nthere"
      > You get the hit-enter prompt before redrawing te display. So it's
      > indeed that closing the command-line window causes a redraw and that
      > clears the message.
      > Forcing the hit-enter prompt would be a solution, but at the same time
      > may annoy quite a few users.
      Yes, that would be annoying :-)
      > I'll make a remark in the todo list if it's possible to redraw without
      > erasing the message. Don't expect this soon though.
      Intuitively, I'd imagined that forcing a redraw when the command-line
      window closes but before the command is executed might fix the problem.
      I poked around a little bit this morning and made the following two-line
      patch against Vim 7.2.25:

      --- vim72/src/ex_getln.c.orig 2008-11-02 07:34:57.000000000 -0500
      +++ vim72/src/ex_getln.c 2008-11-02 07:30:20.000000000 -0500
      @@ -6247,6 +6247,8 @@
      # endif

      + update_screen(0);
      + out_flush();
      return cmdwin_result;
      #endif /* FEAT_CMDWIN */

      This fixes the symptoms I'm seeing, though I really have no idea how
      wrong-headed this approach might be. I just stepped through the code to
      see how re-drawing gets triggered, then added these calls to
      update_screen(0) and out_flush() at the end of the ex_window()
      function. I didn't study how the code works in-depth, so the patch may
      well have some subtle problem related to the details of Vim's
      implementation. At a higher level, however, I think it's a reasonable
      trade-off to force an "extra" screen redraw when exiting the
      command-line window. It has the right feel to me to pop up a temporary
      editing window for command-line history, grab a new command to execute,
      close the temporary window, and tidy up by re-drawing everything,
      leaving no trace that the user didn't just type the command at the ex

      Does this fix seem reasonable, perhaps with some tweaking?

      Michael Henry

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