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52233Re: Subject: Re: vim on cygwin using win32 clipboard

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  • Anton Sharonov
    Oct 29, 2008
      On 2008-10-28, Gary Johnson wrote
      > The version of the patch I've been using appears to be from
      > 2007-02-13.

      The most recent version, provided by Frodak Baksik to start with
      I have found in his post from 2008-05-22:


      It is recent enough for me - at least after minor adoption
      (nothing like programming, just stupid helping the patch to find
      proper places to modify) to actual vim sources it is working

      > It also had some changes to auto/configure that are
      > missing from your attached patch. Was that intentional?

      Thanks for pointing that out, it was not intentional. I thought
      that auto/configure is just modified during configure process -
      the same way as src/auto/config.h, src/auto/config.mk are
      overwritten each time I run configure... Updated patch is

      > Is this a patch that we should try to have added to the official
      > source, or should it remain a patch?

      Unless somebody (Frodak ?) will come with more recent version,
      IMO it should be added to the official source. Bram have had the
      opinion that few people should try it out and report their
      results here (in his http://markmail.org/message/pyfrowvkaksym3vp
      post of 02/14/2007 06:30:57). If I count properly, actually ~5
      people have already tried that patch and found it worked. Is it
      enough ? (All those tests are done only on cygwin platform for
      now, IIUC).


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