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52132RE: New feature: cursor at the beginning of tab character in normal mode

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  • Craig Barkhouse
    Oct 2 2:10 PM
      Not to take sides, but just to add my comments...

      1) In normal mode, if you have the 'list' option on, the cursor is displayed at the beginning of the tab character, not the end. So now it's not just mode that determines it. If you sit your cursor on a tab character and repeatedly toggle the 'list' option (which I actually have a keymapping for), the cursor will actually jump back and forth on screen from the beginning of the tab to the end. That seems unexpected to me.

      2) As a general question: If there's a quirk carried forward from original Vi, and the general consensus among Vim users is that the quirk is only there for strict Vi compatibility and it would make more sense to change it, would it not make sense to have it controlled by the 'compatible' option? Setting 'nocompatible' already breaks some Vi compliance. So, yet-another-option would not necessarily need to be introduced.


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