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52131Re: New feature: cursor at the beginning of tab character in normal mode

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  • Ingo Karkat
    Oct 2, 2008
      On 02-Oct-08 20:03, Vladimir A. Pavlov wrote:
      > Hello!
      > A few days ago I wrote the following to vim@...:
      >> I'd like to switch to vim but there is an annoying issue with
      >> it that I couldn't solve.
      >> When the cursor is at a tab character most editors display
      >> the cursor at the beginning of the interval the tab character
      >> occupies as follows (_ is the cursor):
      >> _ if (a > c) ...
      >> Vim does the same in insert or replace mode. But in normal
      >> mode the cursor is displayed at the end of the tab character:
      >> _if (a > c) ...
      >> Is there a way to make vim show the cursor at the beginning
      >> of a tab character in normal mode as it does in insert mode?
      >> I tried searching in Google but found nothing unfortunatelly :(
      > Then I got a reply that said it's impossible without vim code
      > modification so I decided to find out how to fix that.
      > I seem to find the solution (the patch is at the end of this
      > email) but it is so simple that I can't understand why it hasn't
      > been done yet (since I know several people that are irritated by
      > this "feature" of vim).
      > I guess this mailing list is the best place to ask whether I
      > miss anything. Here are my questions:
      > 1. Are there any obvious problems/bugs with the patch itself?
      > In other words, does it breaks anything very "basic" so
      > that it definitely breaks some basic functionality or
      > some plugins?
      > 2. If there are no problems with it, do you have any wishes to
      > apply it to the trunk? (And what the reasons for not doing
      > so?)
      > If so, I would add an option called, say, cursorattabstart
      > that will trigger the new behaviour and resend the patch
      > here for anyone of you to commit.
      > --
      > Vladimir

      When 'list' is set, the cursor stays at the beginning of a <Tab> interval, too.
      So you could achieve the same effect with these settings:
      ':set list listchars=tab:\ \ '
      Of course, you would lose the functionality of ':set invlist'; but you can
      probably define an alternative command / mapping that now will toggle the
      'listchars' option.

      -- regards, ingo

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