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52060Re: (patch) Lua interface

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  • char101
    Sep 16, 2008
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      On Sep 1, 12:13 pm, Luis Carvalho <lexcarva...@...> wrote:
      > Hi,
      > I'm attaching a patch that provides a complete Lua [1] interface to Vim in
      > case anyone finds it useful. The patch is against vim-7.2. Any feedback is
      > welcome, of course. Disclaimer: this is my first post to the list and this is
      > my first patch to Vim! :)


      vim72-lua-0.5.patch is missing a patch for globals.h

      line 1397:
      #if defined(DYNAMIC_PERL) || defined(DYNAMIC_PYTHON) ||
      defined(DYNAMIC_RUBY) \
      || defined(DYNAMIC_TCL) || defined(DYNAMIC_ICONV) \
      || defined(DYNAMIC_GETTEXT) || defined(DYNAMIC_MZSCHEME)
      EXTERN char_u e_loadlib[] INIT(= N_("E370: Could not load library
      EXTERN char_u e_loadfunc[] INIT(= N_("E448: Could not load library
      function %s"));

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