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51949Re: (patch) Lua interface

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  • Paul Moore
    Sep 4, 2008
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      On Sep 4, 2:44 am, Luis Carvalho <lexcarva...@...> wrote:
      > > Anyway, as for your question I'd say just default to using a shared lib.
      > > Most other interfaces seem to do so, and I'd say the costs should be  
      > > neglectable in this case. On Windows looking up the required symbols at  
      > > runtime seems to be the most popular choice, though I personally don't  
      > > care to much about it either way.
      > That makes sense. I've updated configure.in to link a shared lib.

      On Windows, things get a little odd, as linking Lua as a DLL has 2
      negative effects:

      1. If lua51.dll isn't present, Vim won't start. This is fixable, but
      needs code changes to load the DLL at runtime. The other language
      bindings do this - I think I can do something similar for Lua with
      less code changes, based on a recipe from the Lua wiki. Let me know if
      you'd like me to try.

      2. Vim needs to be linked with the same C runtime as the Lua DLL. In
      practice, this means that most existing Lua binary DLLs won't work, as
      they use the msvcrt8 runtime, which isn't normal for Vim. You can
      build your own Lua binary DLLs, but if you're doing that, you can
      probably also recompile Vim reasonably easily.

      I'd suggest defaulting to linking Lua statically on Windows, with a
      DLL link as an optional alternative. That's what I did in my second
      Make_ming.mak patch.

      Let me know if you want me to do the dynamic DLL loading change. I'll
      tidy up and update my Make_ming.mak patch in any case.


      PS In case it's not obvious, you have my full permission to include
      the changes I'm posting into your patch, should you wish.
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