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51948Re: (patch) Lua interface

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  • Luis Carvalho
    Sep 3, 2008
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      Hi Andy,

      > Anyway, as for your question I'd say just default to using a shared lib.
      > Most other interfaces seem to do so, and I'd say the costs should be
      > neglectable in this case. On Windows looking up the required symbols at
      > runtime seems to be the most popular choice, though I personally don't
      > care to much about it either way.

      That makes sense. I've updated configure.in to link a shared lib.

      > One last thing, I noticed that your patch seems to have problems with
      > nested compounds:
      > function! s:foo()
      > let l:things = [[1, "foo"], [2, "bar"], [3, "baz"]]
      > " for extra evilness:
      > " call add(l:things, l:things)
      > lua vim.eval("l:things")
      > endfunction
      > call s:foo()
      > Saving this as test.vim and doing vim -c 'so test.vim' causes a
      > segmentation fault. Same happens if I stick in a dictionary.
      > Flat lists seem to work flawlessly though.

      Thanks for the report. The latest patch, available at


      should fix these issues.


      Computers are useless. They can only give you answers.
      -- Pablo Picasso

      Luis Carvalho (Kozure)
      lua -e 'print((("lexcarvalho@..."):gsub("(%u+%.)","")))'
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