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51931Re: (patch) Lua interface

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  • Paul Moore
    Sep 2, 2008
      On 1 Sep, 18:19, Luis Carvalho <lexcarva...@...> wrote:
      > Thank you. I'm attaching an updated version of the patch with a few more
      > changes. I should probably find a place to put the latest version of the patch...

      A fairly small point:

      :lua print("a\nb\nc")



      (i.e, newlines are printed as ^@, rather than as proper newlines).

      Vim converts nulls to newlines and vice versa in internal strings. You
      may want to look at LineToString, StringToLine, and writer, in
      if_python.c. Your MSG call in luaV_print needs to split the line at
      each \n character and call MSG on each line in turn. Same for the
      various EMSG calls

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