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51428Re: BUG: g ignores range in diff mode

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  • Ben Schmidt
    Aug 5, 2008
      > The actual problem is that I wish to update a file's header comment
      > with the modification date and time whenever the buffer is written.
      > To this end, I have a function that's called by a BufWrite
      > autocommand and which updates a line matching '^ \?\* *Modified:'
      > in the file header. Most of the files I work on have only one such
      > line, but some of the files I've been working on recently have the
      > same string in each function header, so it's important to restrict
      > the range to just the file header.
      > Before checking a file into our revision control system, I diff the
      > checked-out version with the previous version to make sure I haven't
      > left any debug droppings. I usually write the file while the diff
      > and folds are still enabled. The top of the file may not even
      > on-screen at the time.
      > So, is there any way to restrict a range within a closed fold?

      Just set nofoldenable and then set foldenable when you're done. It's the
      standard way to temporarily disable folds.


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