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51390Re: trouble compiling x11/motif vim72b on macosx

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  • Ben Schmidt
    Jul 31 11:11 PM
      raf wrote:
      > hi,
      > i've had vim-6.3 on my mac for a long time and i
      > decided it's time to upgrade.
      > i tried the following configure command (worked with 6.3):
      > $ ./configure --with-x --enable-gui=motif --enable-multibyte
      > but had compile errors (see below). the compile errors were
      > because selecting --with-x --enable-gui=motif didn't
      > automatically cause --disable-darwin to be assumed. i'd
      > written a patch to make this happen ages ago and it was
      > supposed to be included as of vim-7.0 but it seems not to
      > have been.
      > so then i added --disable-darwin which changed the compile
      > errors into link errors (see below).
      > then i tried athena, vim-6.4, 7.0 and 7.1 and they
      > all had the same link errors.
      > i'm sure it's not a vim issue but rather an environment
      > issue on my mac. i recently upgraded from xcode-2.0 to
      > xcode-2.5. i found a reference to a similar-looking problem
      > here:
      > http://lists.apple.com/archives/Xcode-users/2005/Jul/msg00563.html
      > which said that including libSystemStubs.a fixed the link
      > errors.
      > so then i tried LIBS="-lSystemStubs" before the configure
      > command but it had no effect on the link errors. not all of
      > the link errors seemed to be libSystem-related but even the
      > ones that were weren't resolved.
      > i tried --disable-acl and that got rid of the acl-related
      > link errors but that's all.
      > does anyone have any ideas on what i could try next?

      Try editing vim.h as follows (your line numbers seem different to mine,
      but it's at about line 174).

      #ifdef NO_X11_INCLUDES
      /* In os_mac_conv.c NO_X11_INCLUDES is defined to avoid X11 headers.
      * Disable all X11 related things to avoid conflicts. */
      +# ifdef FEAT_GUI_X11
      +# undef FEAT_GUI_X11
      +# endif
      # ifdef FEAT_X11
      # undef FEAT_X11
      # endif

      i.e. add those three lines with the + signs (without actually including
      the + signs).

      Without using --disable-darwin, see if that gets you any further...It
      baffles me, though, why it would cause you problems with Motif and not
      cause me problems with GTK2+.

      By the way, how do you install Motif? I might try it out myself, for
      interest, as well as perhaps to help fix these building problems.


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