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51054Re: VIM 7.2a.10 (GTK2, cygwin) weird cursor color problem

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  • mattn
    Jul 3, 2008
      On Thu, Jul 3, 2008 at 4:46 PM, SungHyun Nam <goweol@...> wrote:
      > Hello,
      > First of all, your patch for mbyte.c is totally different for this
      > thread. You could send it with different bug report.
      > It seems your patch for mbyte.c is fine to me though I test it not
      > much.

      yes, offcause. :-)

      > Added comment below is only for CursorIM problem.
      > Hmm, it's similar and very small, but has glitch(?).
      > With your patch, 'CursorIM' color is NOT displayed immediately
      > after typing 'imak'. Because actual preediting is not yet started.
      > 'CursorIM' color is displayed after I typed first multibyte
      > character. So that, if I typed 'imak' (with no further input) and
      > do something in other window, and come back, I can think current
      > input mode is English.
      > I suggest a patch below for the CursorIM problem:
      > Side-note:
      > The patch below also includes patch for command-line window
      > message. 'INSERT' vs 'IM INSERT' message now synchronized to
      > 'Cursor' vs. 'CursorIM' color. I doubt 'b_p_iminsert' check
      > is really needed in screen.c. I never typed 'Ctrl-^' so that
      > b_p_iminsert is never have B_IMODE_IM for me.
      > If it's not acceptable, I can remove it from the patch.
      > Is this patch acceptable?

      Ok. It seems good for me.
      Your patch does not break any behavior of current vim. And your patch
      provide better solution for some IM. :-)
      There is remaining problem that i should explain "CursorIM does not work
      with SCIM and UIM" against many japanese IM users. j/k


      - Yasuhiro Matsumoto

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