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50422Re: Vim SEGV after netbeans messes up syntax data structures

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Jun 1, 2008
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      Xavier de Gaye wrote:

      > >> Problem:
      > >> --------
      > >> Vim version 7.1.298 on linux.
      > >> Vim crashes processing received netbeans messages while redrawing the
      > >> windows. This happens about once every five times when running the
      > >> [...]
      > >> The following tests have been completed successfully with this patch:
      > >> * no Vim crash with the pyclewn test case
      > >> * no error reported by Valgrind with the pyclewn test case
      > >> * Vim does not crash when doing fast stepping with clewn
      > >> * netbeans does process messages when Vim is idle in normal_cmd()
      > >> * the full pyclewn regression test suite runs Ok.
      > >> [...]
      > >
      > > This will help, but I think it's still possible that Vim is updating the
      > > screen somewhere when a netbeans event is received. In functions called
      > > from normal_cmd() it's very well possible that the screen is updated
      > > directly instead of setting the must_redraw flag.
      > >
      > > One way to solve this is to set that callback_restricted flag in
      > > ui_breakcheck(). Because we don't want to handle the netbeans messages
      > > while checking if the user typed CTRL-C.
      > >
      > > It might still not be sufficient though. It's difficult to overview
      > > what happens with these asynchronous messages. And we also have to be
      > > careful not to block event handling (I think that happens when you would
      > > use the may_garbage_collect flag).
      > >
      > > Perhaps you can try out the change to ui_breakcheck() and tell us what
      > > happens. Perhaps there are other places where gui_mch_update() is
      > > called and we don't want to handle events, thus setting the flag in
      > > gui_mch_update() might be an alternative. But you can't do that
      > > always...
      > Setting the callback_restricted flag in ui_breakcheck() does not work.
      > Most pyclewn automated tests fail because the netbeans messages are
      > received (and queued) in ui_breakcheck() and nb_parse_messages() never
      > gets a chance to process the received messages. This points out to
      > a problem that may occur when netbeans is run interactively: if the
      > last netbeans message is received in ui_breakcheck(), it is not
      > processed by nb_parse_messages() and appears to the user as not
      > received at all (until the next message arrives).
      > Except for that problem, this solution fixes the memory corruption as
      > expected in all the tests that do run.
      > Another way to fix this is to prevent the netbeans callback to call
      > any vim function at all. This cancels the need of a global
      > callback_restricted flag. The callback queues the received messages
      > and exit the gui event loop. The messages are processed in the idle
      > loop where vim is waiting for character input.
      > The following patch (also attached to this mail) implements this
      > solution for FEAT_GUI_GTK. All the tests are successful (see the list
      > of tests above, in the original post) including the 51 pyclewn tests.

      This makes sense. I'll put this in the todo list for having a closer

      > I think it is possible to implement the same solution for
      > FEAT_GUI_W32, but Windows support in pyclewn is not ready yet and I
      > don't know what application can be used to test the patch (maybe Agide ?).

      This should not be changed without proper testing. So let's leave it
      as-is until we can test it.

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