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50421Re: Vim SEGV after netbeans messes up syntax data structures

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  • Xavier de Gaye
    May 31, 2008
      On Mon, May 26, 2008 at 9:24 PM, Bram Moolenaar <Bram@...> wrote:
      > Xavier de Gaye wrote:
      >> Problem:
      >> --------
      >> Vim version 7.1.298 on linux.
      >> Vim crashes processing received netbeans messages while redrawing the
      >> windows. This happens about once every five times when running the
      >> [...]
      >> The following tests have been completed successfully with this patch:
      >> * no Vim crash with the pyclewn test case
      >> * no error reported by Valgrind with the pyclewn test case
      >> * Vim does not crash when doing fast stepping with clewn
      >> * netbeans does process messages when Vim is idle in normal_cmd()
      >> * the full pyclewn regression test suite runs Ok.
      >> [...]
      > This will help, but I think it's still possible that Vim is updating the
      > screen somewhere when a netbeans event is received. In functions called
      > from normal_cmd() it's very well possible that the screen is updated
      > directly instead of setting the must_redraw flag.
      > One way to solve this is to set that callback_restricted flag in
      > ui_breakcheck(). Because we don't want to handle the netbeans messages
      > while checking if the user typed CTRL-C.
      > It might still not be sufficient though. It's difficult to overview
      > what happens with these asynchronous messages. And we also have to be
      > careful not to block event handling (I think that happens when you would
      > use the may_garbage_collect flag).
      > Perhaps you can try out the change to ui_breakcheck() and tell us what
      > happens. Perhaps there are other places where gui_mch_update() is
      > called and we don't want to handle events, thus setting the flag in
      > gui_mch_update() might be an alternative. But you can't do that
      > always...

      Setting the callback_restricted flag in ui_breakcheck() does not work.
      Most pyclewn automated tests fail because the netbeans messages are
      received (and queued) in ui_breakcheck() and nb_parse_messages() never
      gets a chance to process the received messages. This points out to
      a problem that may occur when netbeans is run interactively: if the
      last netbeans message is received in ui_breakcheck(), it is not
      processed by nb_parse_messages() and appears to the user as not
      received at all (until the next message arrives).
      Except for that problem, this solution fixes the memory corruption as
      expected in all the tests that do run.

      Another way to fix this is to prevent the netbeans callback to call
      any vim function at all. This cancels the need of a global
      callback_restricted flag. The callback queues the received messages
      and exit the gui event loop. The messages are processed in the idle
      loop where vim is waiting for character input.

      The following patch (also attached to this mail) implements this
      solution for FEAT_GUI_GTK. All the tests are successful (see the list
      of tests above, in the original post) including the 51 pyclewn tests.

      I think it is possible to implement the same solution for
      FEAT_GUI_W32, but Windows support in pyclewn is not ready yet and I
      don't know what application can be used to test the patch (maybe Agide ?).

      === patch -d vim7 -p0 < vim_callback_2.diff =======================
      Index: src/netbeans.c
      --- src/netbeans.c (revision 1024)
      +++ src/netbeans.c (working copy)
      @@ -617,13 +617,13 @@
      * While there's still a command in the work queue, parse and execute it.
      - static void
      + void
      char_u *p;
      queue_T *node;

      - while (head.next != &head)
      + while (head.next != NULL && head.next != &head)
      node = head.next;

      @@ -707,7 +707,9 @@
      static char_u *buf = NULL;
      int len;
      int readlen = 0;
      +#ifndef FEAT_GUI_GTK
      static int level = 0;

      if (sd < 0)
      @@ -715,7 +717,9 @@

      +#ifndef FEAT_GUI_GTK
      ++level; /* recursion guard; this will be called from the X event loop */

      /* Allocate a buffer to read into. */
      if (buf == NULL)
      @@ -749,11 +753,16 @@
      return; /* don't try to parse it */

      +#ifdef FEAT_GUI_GTK
      + if (gtk_main_level() > 0)
      + gtk_main_quit();
      /* Parse the messages, but avoid recursion. */
      if (level == 1)
      - nb_parse_messages();
      + netbeans_parse_messages();


      Index: src/proto/netbeans.pro
      --- src/proto/netbeans.pro (revision 1024)
      +++ src/proto/netbeans.pro (working copy)
      @@ -22,4 +22,5 @@
      void netbeans_draw_multisign_indicator __ARGS((int row));
      void netbeans_draw_multisign_indicator __ARGS((int row));
      void netbeans_gutter_click __ARGS((linenr_T lnum));
      +void netbeans_parse_messages __ARGS((void));
      /* vim: set ft=c : */
      Index: src/getchar.c
      --- src/getchar.c (revision 1024)
      +++ src/getchar.c (working copy)
      @@ -2883,6 +2883,10 @@
      + /* Process the queued netbeans messages. */
      + netbeans_parse_messages();
      if (got_int || (script_char = getc(scriptin[curscript])) < 0)
      /* Reached EOF.
      Index: src/gui_gtk_x11.c
      --- src/gui_gtk_x11.c (revision 1024)
      +++ src/gui_gtk_x11.c (working copy)
      @@ -6476,6 +6476,9 @@
      focus = gui.in_focus;

      + /* Process the queued netbeans messages. */
      + netbeans_parse_messages();
      * Loop in GTK+ processing until a timeout or input occurs.
      * Skip this if input is available anyway (can happen in rare

      -- Xavier
      Les Chemins de Lokoti -- http://lokoti.alwaysdata.net

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