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50150To be fixed in Vim's documentation

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  • Adri Verhoef
    Apr 26, 2008
      In autocmd.txt:

      Search for 'the commands,'.

      When executing the commands, the messages from one command overwrites a

      'the messages' doesn't correspond to 'overwrites', presumably the 's'
      in 'overwrites' should be removed (assumption is based on the third line of text
      below current one: 'When one command outputs two messages this can happen anyway.').

      In syntax.txt:

      This covers the "normal" Unix (Borne) sh, bash and the Korn shell.
      < sh: (default) Borne shell >
      the Borne shell syntax. No need to quote RFCs or market penetration

      I think 'Borne' should be 'Bourne'.

      :h helpgrep
      Compressed help files will not be searched (Debian
      compresses the help files).

      Compression is also used in Fedora. The only uncompressed .txt file is 'help.txt'.

      $ rpm -qa vim\*

      Fedora uses RPM for management of its software packages.
      According to Wikipedia, Debian uses APT: "Prominent features of Debian are its
      package management system (especially APT)" (see


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