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49869RE: GSoC: Fixing Bugs

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  • John Beckett
    Apr 1, 2008
      Christopher Berardi wrote:
      > Well, Google has extended the deadline by one week. So that
      > gives me time to perhaps improve my proposal.

      I haven't examined the GSOC terms so I can't advise anything specific.
      However, in general your proposal should mirror the GSOC documentation. For
      example, I imagine they suggest how long you should work. So you should say
      that you are available for that period and will be available full time with
      no other planned activity. They probably vaguely describe what they hope the
      outcomes will be. Your proposal should mimic their words with the confident
      assertion that you are ready to reach those goals. You must cover every
      point they mention.

      You should give some indication that you have researched the situation. Your
      current words just say that you like Vim (by the way, Vim documentation
      spells it "Vim"). Say that you have studied the todo list (and where you saw
      it), and the info on vim.org. There's no need to apologise for suggesting
      that Vim has bugs. Your proposal is simply to work through as many defects
      listed on the todo as you can reasonably achieve (a small number, even a
      couple would be great). You should mention a vague plan: select a specific
      simple item to work on first; analyse the problem and the associated code;
      develop a test that reveals the problem; code to resolve the problem; check
      tests ok, and other tests work; post for review on vim_dev.

      I hope some of the above is helpful because I would really like more people
      to work on the Vim todo list.


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