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49262Re: VIM and NTFS streams

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  • krischik
    Feb 5, 2008
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      On 5 Feb., 00:12, Ben Schmidt <mail_ben_schm...@...> wrote:

      > And that sad story told, I do agree with the other posters who don't think this
      > has much use in Vim. I think to have some kind of consistency, probably an OS or
      > other fairly central component needs to lead the way, not a text editor.

      I never meant that - I was just countering the claim that "named
      forks" are useless. And I only used Vim as an example of where Vim
      would have been simpler to implement - on an operating system which
      properly supports "type attributes".

      Sad that everybody else only sees only hurdles and risks of change and
      not the chances and the risk of no-change.

      And yes: there is a rist of no-change!

      The risk of an ever more complex software world with ever more complex
      solutions which could be done much easier if one would have done it
      right from the beginning.

      And the risk of ever more exploits of those complex solutions.

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