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49231Re: VIM and NTFS streams

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  • krischik
    Jan 31, 2008
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      On 31 Jan., 19:57, Alexei Alexandrov <alexei.alexand...@...>

      > 2 notes here:

      > 1. I think NTFS streams is useless feature.

      NTFS Streams can be used for the very same stuff resource streams on
      MacOS or extended attributes on OS/2 / Linux are used. And in fact
      they are used for precisely that. Also note that extended attributes
      on NTFS are implemented as streams as well. And Unix file attributes
      (at least on Windows Server).

      In fact I very much miss all the features OS/2 had to offer by the use
      of extended attributes. For example I could attach a custom made icon
      to important files (like cmd files) which would then be stored in the
      extended attributes.

      Or Rexx would store a pre-compiled version of all scripts inside the
      extended attributes. And here streams would even excel since extended
      attributes are limited in size while streams are not.

      > I've never seen any
      > practical example of the usefulness of this.

      You might want to get yourself the demo version of 4NT (http://
      www.jpsoft.com/) and then use "DIR /:" a bit - you might be surprised
      how many streams are already used on your system. Most notably:

      12.12.2007 14:03 1'670 _H_A_________ .vimrc


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