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48648Re: encrypt/decrypt functions for a session

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  • Tony Mechelynck
    Dec 5, 2007
      thomas wrote:
      > On Dec 6, 5:06 am, Tony Mechelynck <antoine.mechely...@...>
      > wrote:
      >> thomas wrote:
      >> Vim can store the current time -- see ":help reltime()". Store it when the
      >> user types in the master password, compare it with the time when a password is
      >> needed, and ask the master password again if the time interval is "too long".
      > Yes, but how do you make sure the interval is ever checked?

      by making the check a part of whatever routine you use to supply the stored

      > IIRC
      > CursorHold[I] events don't get triggered when vim doesn't have the
      > focus. And you don't know which value 'updatetime' has. If you check
      > only when the password is accessed, somebody could use the :debug
      > trick
      > even hours/days after you last used the password.

      You could add additional checks, e.g. in CursorHold, CursorHoldI and/or
      FocusGained autocommands.

      > BTW I would really like to see timer events that get triggered even
      > when
      > vim is in the background. I started writing a kind of PIM plugin but
      > stopped at about 80% because I didn't have the time to find a way to
      > reliably show alarms in a cross-platform manner. But this is a
      > different subject of course.
      > thomas.

      Maybe you could use some external program (such as Unix's "at" or "cron", but
      possibly handcrafted to use shorter timespans) to periodically trigger
      something in your Vim instance via the |clientserver| feature? IIUC, it could
      even be a Vim script running on the "client" Vim, looping forever with a
      ":sleep" command in the loop, and periodically triggering some effect in the
      "server" Vim.

      Best regards,
      Paul's Law:
      You can't fall off the floor.

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