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48621Re: Patch 7.1.168 (extra)

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  • jottkaerr@googlemail.com
    Dec 3, 2007
      Hello Bram,

      On 3 Dez., 22:20, Bram Moolenaar <B...@...> wrote:
      > Patch 7.1.168 (extra)
      > Problem: Win32 GUI: Since patch 7.1.095, when the Vim window does not have
      > focus, clicking in it doesn't position the cursor. (Juergen
      > Kraemer)
      > Solution: Don't reset s_button_pending just after receiving focus.
      > Files: src/gui_w48.c

      clicking into the text area of Vim works correctly now, but there is
      still a
      problem with clicking inside the (right) scrollbar. Here's how to
      reproduce it:

      gvim -u NONE - U NONE
      :let i = 0
      :while i < 100
      : let i += 1
      : put ='Line ' . i
      :normal ggdd
      :set lines=20

      Now move focus to a different application and get back to Vim by
      clicking in
      the right scrollbar just below the slider: the slider is moved down,
      line 1 is still the top line. Click again just below the slider: the
      is moved again and now line 35 is the top line -- lines 20 to 34 have
      jumped over have and never been displayed.

      If instead of clicking a second time you enter Lj in normal mode,
      line 20
      is moved into view *and* the position of the scrollbar slider is

      Can you have a look at this?


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