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48116Re: Vim 7 performance notes

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  • Alexei Alexandrov
    Oct 4, 2007
      Bram Moolenaar wrote:
      >> So does the patch look like a good one to you? Or will I just live with
      >> it here locally? :)
      > The patch looks OK to me. The big question is: how much performance do
      > we gain?
      > There is also another regexp improvement underway, this was part of the
      > Google summer of code. It would be nice if we have a performance
      > measurement mechanism, so that the regexp stuff can be tuned. A Vim
      > script would be best, so that it can be run everywhere. Perhaps using
      > some of the syntax highlighting, since that uses regexp a lot and
      > provides a real-world situation. Since the actual display updating is
      > not what we want to measure, using the synID() function might work.
      > Combined with ":syn sync fromstart".

      OK, so I'll need to prepare some numbers.

      For now some historical background. I started this performance
      investigation due to a pathological performance degradation on my VIM
      script for coloring rgb.txt file (the file comes in the root of Vim
      runtime file tree). I color it so that each line is colored with RGB it
      represents. The script is attached.

      It creates a big number of highlight groups with short simple matches.
      It was light-fast on VIM 6.3 and it became redrawing slo-o-o-w on VIM 7
      (after os-stack-based-regexp-stack to heap-based stack change). This is
      why I investigated it. So I wouldn't say that it's improvement - it's
      actually back to performance of 6.3. Now I need to prove you that it's
      actually "back". OK, will do :-)

      Alexei Alexandrov

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