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48099Re: Getting runtime files with AAP

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  • Alexei Alexandrov
    Oct 2, 2007
      Bram Moolenaar wrote:
      > Hmm, perhaps another Python 2.5 incompatibility? At least it works fine
      > for me with Python 2.4.2.
      > Can you please locate the Process.py file in the aap Exec directory, and
      > uncomment the msg_note() call below DEBUG? Then we can see what code is
      > actually executed. Aap generates Python code and executes it,
      > unfortunately Python then doesn't give good error messages.

      OK, I screwed it up myself...
      Attempt to locate the Process.py file quickly showed that AAP was
      executed not from the location I expected. In fact, some older version
      of APP was picked up - consequence of my recent computer re-installation.

      It now seems to work - it's downloading things at the moment.

      Sorry for the spam annoying spam with spam.

      P.S. In fact, when aap didn't work for me I came up with 2 rsync
      commands which sync up the contents of my Windows VIM runtime files
      pretty well. It leaves my Vim executables untouched and cleans up as
      much as possible at the same time. It also gets only english and russian
      spell files for me:

      rsync --verbose -avzcP --delete --exclude=spell --exclude=*.exe
      --exclude=*.pdb --exclude=*.dll --exclude=*.bat
      ftp.nluug.nl::Vim/runtime/dos/ ./

      rsync --verbose -avzcP --delete --include=ru.* --include=en.*
      --exclude=*.spl --exclude=*.sug ftp.nluug.nl::Vim/runtime/spell/ ./spell/


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