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47638Delay Match Highlighting

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  • Taylor Venable
    Sep 2, 2007
      Hello fellow Vimmers,

      I know you can set the amount of time that a character-pair match is
      highlighted using the "matchtime" variable, but I am wondering if there is a
      way to set a delay that would expire *before* the pair is highlighted. The
      reason I ask is the following use case:

      When using an XML file, I add <:> to matchpairs. But when navigating
      line-by-line in a large series like --


      Etc -- Vim gets laggy because it's continually looking for and highlighting
      the matching angle brackets. So I was wondering if there was a delay
      anywhere that could be set before the search and highlight is actually
      attempted, which would make single-line navigation in this kind of situation
      much faster.

      Taylor Venable

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