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47619RE: Patch to fix read out of bound when resizing terminal

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  • John Beckett
    Aug 31, 2007
      Christ van Willegen wrote:
      > The OpenMoko list also suffers from duplicates from GMail's
      > servers once in a while. It appears that this has to do with
      > certain time-outs on GMail's servers being lower than usual,
      > and sometimes mail gets sent twice because an ACK was not
      > received 'in time'.

      I think that must be the problem. I just read today's messages using the web
      interface of my subscribed gmail account. There were no duplicates (that's
      probably conclusive, but OTOH it's conceivable that gmail is smart enough to
      hide the duplicates from the web interface, but to make them available for
      the POP3 download).

      Then I downloaded the messages I had just read with my mail client, and saw
      a bunch of duplicates. I did a Wireshark capture but it's not much use
      because the whole session was TLS encrypted.

      Anyway, it looks like the duplicates are my problem.


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