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47591RE: Patch to fix read out of bound when resizing terminal

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  • John Beckett
    Aug 31, 2007
      Dominique Pelle wrote:
      >> I'm wondering why I see two copies of your message.

      > Did it happen for just one of my email? or all of my emails?
      > I sent emails to <vim_dev at googlegroups.com>, without BCC
      > or CC, using gmail (web interface). If it happened for just
      > one email, can you precise which one so I can double check my
      > outbox.

      The duplicate was the message to which I replied:
      Message-ID: <d2e1eef20708301126l26106cb9p273cda4cb53ffeeb@...>

      I received two copies, with identical headers. I picked on you because you
      happened to have made a new post when the topic came up. I have noticed
      duplicates from you (and some others) before. It's never really bothered me
      enough to take notes.

      It's rather obvious, but thanks for confirming that you're just sending to
      vim_dev. In that case, it may well be a problem with my mail agent (which is
      downloading from gmail with POP3 ... I suppose that stupidware could mess
      that up). Over the next couple of days, I might try using the gmail web
      interface first to see if it shows duplicates.

      > I don't see duplicates in the archive of vim_dev.

      True, but the archive system may be sufficiently intelligent to drop
      messages with duplicate id, so it doesn't prove that no duplicate was sent.
      My conjecture was that there may be a problem when someone sends to vim.org.
      Your case rules that out.


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